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I’m Back, Baby!

Last Friday, September 6th, our family left for our travels! Our house is all packed up, and we are currently at a KOA campsite with our trailer near the Redwood Forest.

So the day after we left, we went to San Francisco and one of Mom’s childhood friends, James, showed us around San Francisco and we went to the Dandelion Chocolate store. I saw how their chocolate was made, and I even sampled some!

Then after that, we went to Mendocino, where we stayed at a KOA campsite for two nights. For our day in Mendocino, we ate lunch at a coffee shop where I had a mocha with hemp milk. I really wanted to try it with hemp milk, since I’ve never had it before. After our lunch, we explored the town of Mendocino, and we went back to our campsite. At that time, Daisy and I decided to explore the KOA in Mendocino. We enjoyed exploring, and after our exploration, we made pasta for dinner. That was our second night there.

After staying at the KOA in Mendocino, we spent a night at the Jedediah State park in the Redwoods; and because we couldn’t stay another night there, we’re currently spending three nights at a KOA near the Redwoods. Here, they have the best game room and it’s pretty much the best KOA I’ve stayed at in my life.

Now, I’m about to go on a cruise to Alaska and I’m super excited!

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