This book explores the mind and memories of a young girl with autism. Micaela juggles life with imaginary friends, school adventures, her first “boyfriend,” and more. This memoir is an honest and humorous look at behavior that appears strange from the outside, but makes sense from the perspective of a child who struggles to communicate her thoughts and ideas.


From Chapter 6- “I Got in Trouble Sometimes, But Was it My Fault?”

When I first joined Maria’s class, I learned that I had to ask someone if I could be excused to go to the bathroom. All of the other kids knew that “someone” meant the teacher in the classroom but I thought that you could just ask anyone in the classroom if you could go to the bathroom. One day, when I was in class, I had to go to the bathroom. I ran to the door and, just as I opened the door, I asked a boy by the door, “Can I go to the bathroom?” He stood there baffled, and, before he said anything, I ran out the door into the hall and to the girls’ bathroom... When I got to the bathroom, I heard Maria yelling from behind me, “Mickey, I’m very disappointed in you! … You were supposed to ask a teacher if you could go to the bathroom, not a classmate!”… But I didn’t know, I thought. I got in trouble but it wasn’t my fault… If I was like the other kids my age, I wouldn’t have taken it literally when Maria said that you had to ask “someone” if you could go to the bathroom. I would’ve known to ask a teacher if I could go to the bathroom, not a classmate. But I have autism, and I can’t change the fact that sometimes I take things too literally.


“It is refreshing to read something written by an articulate 12 year old child who clearly explains what it is like to have Autism. Micaela does not gloss over any of the issues and adversities she has faced socially, emotionally, and educationally. Having a grandson with Autism has brought an awareness that leaves me asking a hundred questions. Micaela address many of my concerns and explains how her perspective on issues is different from others. She shows us how these differences can be brought into alignment producing insight, self-confidence, and maturity. Her journey has not been easy, but she has mastered an awareness that most 12 year olds do not posses. Thank you Micaela. This is a must read for parents, educators, psychologists, and medical professionals. Looking forward to the next book after she goes through the teenage years.”

Nita Reid Tracy, Amazon Customer

“All I can say is wow- that any young person could thoughtfully piece together such a poignant memoir at the age of 12 is incredibly inspiring. As the mother of a child with disabilities, I felt, at times, that I was reading about my own child as I turned each page. I hope every parent will share this book with their child. “

Kathryn J. Walker, Amazon Customer

“I purchased two books, I gifted one to Dr. Barbara Firestone who runs The Help Group, a school for kids with Autism. She loved the book and so do I. Micaela is a brave young lady and I am so glad to shed light on Autism and what young people go through.”

Rulla H., Amazon Customer

“Just wow! I met Micaela at her school Christmas party and was very impressed by her articulate, confident, cheerful manner. My daughter-in-law bought the book for me as I conversed with Micaela… Her book is gracious, sharing all the thoughts and feelings, big and little, she turned over, obsessed about, conquered or integrated during the years of her young life. All this is illuminated with a running insightful commentary on how the autism which helps form her experience may have hindered her in each crossroads. I would love Micaela, as she grows, to add how autism gives her expanded or diverse and helpful perspectives in the next chapters of her life.”

T. Malloy, Amazon Customer