A Twelve Year Old’s Memoir

Micaela Ellis is a bright, funny, and creative teenager from Southern California. She is also an accomplished, self-published author with autism!

Micaela wrote her book, Autism Over The Years: A Twelve Year Old’s Memoir, as a means of sharing her experiences growing up with autism. In Micaela’s words,

“I wrote this memoir because I want to show people how I see the world, as a person with autism. I want to explain how my life has been different from many other people’s lives, and how certain thoughts and ideas came into my mind that other people did not understand. I want to share why I did things that seemed strange to others… I want to put an end to the idea that autism is a disease that needs a ‘cure.’ I want to put an end to autism being a taboo subject.”

Micaela’s book and subsequent speaking engagements have been well received by a variety of individuals whose lives are affected by autism. Educators, therapists, parents, professionals, and peers have expressed gratitude for Micaela’s honesty and humor as she shares her experiences and gives thoughtful advice. Through her presentations, Micaela and her family hope to create conversations that will have a positive impact. Their goal is to connect with parents, professionals, and educators, all over, who may benefit from gaining a fresh outlook on the vast potential of people with autism when they are respected and understood!