Niagara Falls
Mt. Vernon
Costa Rica
Machu Picchu

In September of 2019, Micaela set off on an impressive world-schooling journey with her family. While their travels were cut short by the current global pandemic, they hope to resume their travel adventures later this year! The Ellis family plans on traveling the globe, gathering first-hand experience and reaching in-depth awarenesses of history, science, art, literature, math, and world cultures.

Additionally, Micaela’s journeys around the world include plans to share her understanding of autism. Many families around the world with children that have been diagnosed with autism do not have access to support services. Micaela hopes to share her personal experiences growing up with autism, many of which she relates in her self-published book, Autism Over the Years: A Twelve Year Old’s Memoir.

As of now, Micaela is in Nova Scotia and in a few weeks, she will be headed to Newfoundland! She’s never been to the Newfoundland province and she’s looking forward to going there.

Bass Lake, California

Carpinteria, California

Entering Nova Scotia after so long! 🙂
Nova Scotia!

Deepbrook, Nova Scotia