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Headed to Costa Rica!

So a few weeks ago, my family got back from traveling around the US and Canada, and in a while, we’re getting on a plane for a late night flight to Costa Rica and a four-hour layover in Mexico City (the plan already sounds tiring).

For the next six weeks, I’ll be traveling around Central and South America with my family. I’ll also try to post more often.

As I travel around Central and South America, I’ll be studying the history of chocolate, the growing process and science, and how it’s incorporated into many cultures. I’ll also study the child labor that many big chocolate companies try to cover up.

I’m also planning to make a presentation for an international school in Guatemala. I’m looking forward to presenting at the school and being able to say that I did presentations outside of my country.

Right now I’m at LAX so I’ll try to write about the beginnings of my trip soon!

P.S. I prepared for a long flight. I brought peanut butter cups, Sea Salt and Vinegar chips (thanks to my grandpa), and some gum. I also bought myself a music album and downloaded some movies.

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